Professional Recognition

Babeş-Bolyai University with its 44,676 students, masters, doctoral students and trainees and 1405 teaching staff, enjoys a prestigious position and a high attractiveness; it maintains one of the most extensive study offers, in different languages, on the continent. In the University Metaranking-2017, developed by the Ad Astra association of Romanian researchers, UBB is the first university in the country, in terms of the visibility and impact of Romanian universities in international rankings.

The quality of the learning process

Quality assurance mechanisms concern all university management activities, administrative management, respectively teaching-learning activities, scientific research and academic services. At the faculty level, there is an Organization and Operation Regulation that complies with the legal regulations in force.

Tutorial program

Our faculty was among the first to implement the Tutorial System. It encourages students’ communication and openness towards the University and the academic environment. It represents a system and a program to support and advise students, in order to facilitate integration in university education. Tutors offer guidance in choosing the most appropriate didactic, cultural and social options specific to student life and encourage the sharing of students’ knowledge and skills, improving school results.


According to the international trends regarding the retrieval of information, since 2012 the unique portal for simultaneous query of the online catalog and electronic resources was introduced and configured, through the EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS) platform, which allows the selection of titles and their direct export in database management applications own data such as EndNote, Zotero, RefWorks, an option necessary for the documentation and research process. In parallel, the DSpace platform was configured which allows the full text query of the digital library, where this was possible. In order to increase the visibility of the documents within it, also in 2012, the electronic library from Dspace was transposed into the famous WorldCat catalog running on the OCLC (Online Catalog of Library of Congress) platform.


The faculty has numerous collaborations with prestigious partners (sports clubs, schools, hospitals, etc.) that allow students to get in touch with the activity specific to the specialization from their student years in order to integrate as quickly as possible into the labor market. Volunteer activity is also a permanent concern of the faculty, the students being involved in numerous extracurricular activities.


The scientific research activity within the university covers three fundamental components: (1) fundamental and applied research; (2) development (generation through research of innovative prototype products and services) and (3) innovation (implementation in the socio-economic environment of innovative services and products). The research strategy takes into account the existing scientific potential, the valuable traditions, the problems and development directions on a national and international level, the freedom of research, artistic activity and knowledge transfer being guaranteed and the fact that the own scientific investigation activity, validated by published works, is the fundamental criterion for evaluating the academic qualification

Our vision