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Recognition of Professional Education

The Babeș-Bolyai University with its 44,676 bachelor, master and doctoral students, as well as course participants and 1,405 teachers enjoys a prestigious position and high demand; the university offers one of the most extended learning opportunities in different languages in the world. In the university meta-ranking 2017 developed by the Ad Astra Association of Romanian researchers the UBB is ranked as the first university in the country, as regarding visibility and impact of Romanian universities in international rankings.

Online Resources

According to international trends regarding information retrieval, in 2012 the university introduced and configured the single interrogation portal of the on line catalogue and the electronic resources, through the EBSCO Discovery Services (EDS) platform. This enables titles to be selected and directly exported in one’s own data base administration apps like for instance EndNote, Zotero, RefWorks, an option highly necessary in the documentation and research process. At the same time, the DSpace platform, www.dspace.bcucluj.ro was configured, which enables full text interrogation of the digital library, where this was possible.

Advanced Practice

The faculty holds a large number of cooperation programs with prestigious partners (sports clubs, schools, hospitals and so on), which enable the students to get into contact with the specific activity they are preparing for already during studying years with the aim to facilitate their access to the labour market. Additionally, voluntary work represents one of the main and continuous concerns of the faculty, as the students are encouraged to become part of numerous extracurricular activities.

Quality of the Learning Process

The quality assurance mechanisms subsume all activities related to university management, administrative management, as well as teaching and learning activities, research activities and academic services. At the level of the faculty there is an internal Regulation regarding the organization and operation in line with the relevant legal regulations.

Tutoring Program

Out faculty introduced the tutoring program amongst the first. It facilitates communication and initiates students in the academic setting, rendering them more open towards the university. It represents a supporting and counselling system and program for students with the aim to facilitate the integration of the students in the university education. Tutors offer support for choosing the best courses, cultural and social activities specific for student’s lives and monitor learning results.


The scientific research activity within the university covers three fundamental aspects: (1) fundamental and applied research; (2) development (generating of innovative prototype products and services) and (3) innovation (implementation of innovative services and products in the socio-economic environment). The research strategy takes into account the existing research potential, valuable traditions, development issues and directions at national and international level. Research freedom, freedom of artistic creation and knowledge transfer freedom are guaranteed. The fundamental criterion for evaluation of the academic qualification represents the personal research activity.

Our vision

01. Students growth

Students will receive support for taking part in national and international competitions, for getting involved in voluntary and/or research programs, as well as for performing extracurricular activities. Establish monitoring and evaluation programs regarding the career path of alumni, which will facilitate study programs to be better correlated with requirements and expectations of the economic sector.

02. Best learning practice

Through the development of transversal students’ skills, by means of the curriculum, but also by means of professional training and internship programs. Efforts for raising the level of selectivity for candidates admitted to the study programs will continue. The weight given to professional training and internship programs aiming at developing skills needed on the labor market will improve.

03. Focus on targets

Establishing post-bachelor programs – master programs, doctoral programs and postdoc programs, in the traditional fields, but in new fields as well, whereas international collaborations and partnerships with other universities and academic and research institutions are encouraged.

04. Interdisciplanary model

The Babeș-Bolyai University and the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport promote interdisciplinary approaches and cooperation, in their most diverse forms, with other universities/faculties from Cluj, from within the country and from abroad, including cooperation with renowned experts from other prestigious institutions at national and international level.

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14 Jun, 2019

Curs Festiv

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20 Nov, 2019

Crosul de toamna

UNIVERSITATEA BABEŞ-BOLYAI CLUJ-NAPOCA FACULTATEA DE EDUCAŢIE FIZICĂ ŞI SPORT Organizatori: Lector dr. Gherţoiu Dan Mihai Drd. Patrascu Adrian Organizează “CROSUL DE TOAMNĂ”   Pentru studenţii Anului I de la...

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11 Oct, 2019

A V-a Conferinţă Internaţională a Consortiului Universitaria

Between 11th and 12th of October 2019 the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport organizes the 5th edition of the international conference of the Universitaria Consortium under the title...

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1 Jul, 2019

Susținerile publice ale tezelor de doctorat

Link 5 Iulie 2019_ora 10.00 5 Iulie 2019_ora 12.00 10 Iulie 2019_ora 10.00 10 Iulie 2019_ora 12.00

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6 Jun, 2019

Cazare 2019-2020

Studenții Facultății de Educație Fizică și Sport din Universitatea Babeș-Bolyai depun cererile de cazare în căminele studențești prin completarea unui formular online disponibil pe site-ul http://sport.ubbcluj.ro la secțiunea „STUDENȚI”. Termenul limită...

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