Programul Conferinţei – 2014

Prezentările vor fi susţinute în următoarele limbi: română şi engleză

Forma de prezentare: oral şi poster

5 Decembrie 2014

8:30 -10:00 Înregistrarea participanţilor

10:00 -12:00 Deschiderea oficială a conferinţei – Susţineri în plen Pauză de cafea

12:30 –13:30 Prezentări postere

13:30 -15:00 Pauza de prânz

15:00 -18:00 Susţineri orale – secţiunea 1

15:00 -18:00 Susţineri orale – secţiunea 2

Pauză de cafea

18:30 –19:00 Ceremonia de închidere a conferinţei

19:00 Cina festivă


Deschiderea conferinţei/ Opening Ceremony


Conference opening speech – Prof. PhD BOGDAN Vasile, dean, Faculty of Physical Education and Sport

“Babeș-Bolyai” University Representative’s Speech


Prezentări în plen / Plenary Presentations

Hotel Universitas, Conference room, time: 10:00 – 12:00



The Influence of Selected Kinetic Parameters in Female Pole Vault on Sport Performance

PÁL HAMAR (Hungary)

The Role of Self Motivation in the Affectivity of Transylvanian Students Aged 11-18 for Physical Education at School

AURA BOTA (Romania)

Adapted Physical Activities and Special Olympics- a Valuable Resource for Scientific Research and Attitude in the Academic Field



Prezentări poster/ Poster presentation

Room 15, time: 12:30 – 13:30


  1. Văidăhăzan Remus Cristian, Hanțiu Iacob, Pop Nicolae Horațiu, Pătrașcu Adrian – Heart rate recording system for participants to weight training in Cluj-Napoca’s fitness gyms (compatibilities between Android and Windows 7)
  2. Bălan Valeria – Study in connection with the physical development level at the Down syndrome children
  3. Baciu Alin Marius,Șerban Radu-Tiberiu, Șanta Cristian – The parental influence on junior tennis players
  4. Abalașei Beatrice, Honceriu Cezar, Trofin Petruț-Florin – Analysis of the relation between the individual’s social representation and physical development indices
  5. Bărbuică Iulius Sorin – Influence of physical training elements specific to the basketball game upon the metabolism of muscle tissue
  6. Bărbuică Iulius Sorin – Increasing efficiency of physical education lesson in higher education by using specific basketball game
  7. Pașcan Adrian, Pașcan Ioan – Development of psychomotor aptitude – the balance – by exercises specially created within the framework of the basketball discipline in the 5th and 6th forms pupils
  8. Monea Dan, Ormenișan Septimiu, Nica Badea Delia, Stoica Doru, Dumitru Barbu – Optimization of the selection process in football game for 10-12 years old children
  9. Șanta Cristian, Șanta Onela, Baciu Alin, Szabo-Alexi Paul – The role of sportive activities in children’s personality development
  10. Gáll Zsuzsa Szilárda, Balint Lorand – Legislative and curricular highlights focused upon the physical development and health area within the early education framework, in terms of regional coordinates in the European Union space
  11. Cojocaru Adin-Marian, Cojocaru Marilena – Contributions to the development of resistance in the youth volleyball players (15-16 years)
  12. Urzeală Constanța – Aspects regarding the motor capacity development in children with diabetes
  13. Andras Almos, Negru Ioan Niculaie – Pilot study concerning the level of civic sense of students in the 1st year, physical education and sports, kinetotherapy study program
  14. Apostu Paula, Doboși Serban – Optimization of technical and tactical preparation using mixed table tennis exercises on children of 10-12 years
  15. Motroc Florin – Principles of defensive tactic in football game , from the theory to practice
  16. Dragoș Paul – Financial reward and its effects on managers and employees in the sport organizations
  17. Grosu Vlad Tudor, Grosu Emilia Florina, Motică Florin, Monea Dan, Rusu Alina – Specific aspects of attention and emotional distress in athletes 11-15 years in judo and alpine skiing
  18. Oprean Alexandru, Cojocariu Adrian – Morphological aspects of forwards in the rugby game related to tasks and position
  19. Docu Axelerad Any, Docu Axelerad Daniel – Physical exercises for diabetic polyneuropathy
  20. Augustin Ioan – Volleyball game evolution. Aspects in the development of Romanian volleyball
  21. Baciu Alin, Baciu Cristina – Social and personal development of children through sports
  22. Mureșan Alexandru, Bulduș Codruța – Sitting volleyball
  23. Ion Bâca, Horia Ștefănescu – The exploaitation of mountain space through sport and leisure activities. Case studys: the via Maria Theresia marathon from Călimani mountains and Colibița bike fest from Bistrița Ardeleană gorge and Colibița depression



Prezentări orale – secţiunea 1/ Oral Presentations 1st section

Hotel Universitas, Conference room, time: 15:00 – 18:00

Moderators: PhD Nagel Adrian, PhD Gomboş Leon


  1. Șandor Iosif, Ganea Ioan Virgil, Isidori Emanuele, Pașcan Adrian, Rusu Gabriela Virginia – Study of the body values in the context of the new master programs. A comparative analysis of the students from three master programs of Physical Education and Sport Faculty Cluj-Napoca
  2. Deak Grațiela-Flavia, Boroș-Balint Iuliana, Ciocoi-Pop Dumitru Rareș, Grosu Emilia Florina – Correlations between physical activity and Ruffier indices in Romanian university students
  3. Boroș-Balint Iuliana, Deak Grațiela-Flavia, Mușat Simona, Pătrașcu Adrian – TRX suspension training method and static balance in junior basketball players
  4. Pătrașcu Adrian, Pătrașcu Monica, Hanțiu Iacob, Văidăhăzan Remus – Intelligent decision making tool for aiding the setting of optimal intensity in aerobic endurance training
  5. Baloga Istvan, Vizi Sandor – Professional competences and experience in sports and recreational aquatic facility management
  6. Pop Gabriela Maria, Pop Horea – The importance of maintaining optimal health through physical exercise in assessing students from UBB Cluj-Napoca
  7. Szabo Barna, Ciulea Laura Edith – Comparative study about the physical education activity among students between two Universities in Tîrgu Mureș
  8. Voicu Alexandru Virgil, Andras Almos, Voicu Bogdan-Iosif – Considerations on the realization of the law in the matter of anti-doping regulations in sport activities in Romania
  9. Prodea Cosmin, Gebefügi Andreea – New practices of extracurricular activities implemented in the Romanian education system: Double dutch
  10. Pop Horea, Pop Gabriela Maria , Török Annamária – Promotion ski touring in the Vlădeasa Mountains
  11. Ciulea Laura Edit, Szabo Barna – The role of the functional training in optimising the motric capacity of junior female teams I -volleyball
  12. Bogdan Tudor, Lazăr Lăcrimioara – Comparative aspects of the main ski schools in the world



Prezentări orale – secţiunea 2/ Oral Presentations 2nd section

Schuman room, time: 15:00 – 18:00

Moderators: PhD Ciocoi-Pop D. Rareş, PhD Pop Ioan Nelu


  1. Marian Judit-Klára, Pop Nicolae Horațiu – Isotonic vs. Isokinetic aquatic training: improvement of the neuromuscular control of the lower limbs in healthy and untrained females
  2. Bulduș Codruța Florina, Vădan Anca Lucia – Hemp seed oil effect on the rat tissular oxidant/antioxidant balance in exercise with progressive intensity
  3. Broască Alexandra-Andreea, Pop Nicolae Horațiu – The effect of kinesio taping on knee instability of female rugby players
  4. Simon-Ugron Ágnes, Macra-Oşorhean Maria-Daniela – The use of the bioelectrical impedance vector analysis
  5. Pop Sergiu, Chihaia Octavian – Measures to prevent injuries in the performance rugby
  6. Gherman Alexandru Andrei, Gomboș Leon – Powered landmarks forming internal models of representations and calling them through mental training in handball players
  7. Cristuţă Alina Mihaela, Comoraşu Crina-Cristina – Study regarding the occurrence of laterality disturbances in primary school children. Intervention measures
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